by Scene 51, Inc.
What is a well told story?
You’ve finally completed that long-awaited draft of your script. Take a moment to congratulate yourself – then realize that your work has only just begun … because writing is really rewriting.
There are no magical rewriting formulas; beginners and veterans alike face the same daunting task – that of "creation" and "re-creation." The good news is that there are some concrete strategies to ensure your own rewriting process and to bring your script to its fullest potential.
A screenwriter is someone who is able to sit alone in a room for weeks if not months at a time … and write. On a good day, mean having to stare down a blank page. Or anguish over whether the story, the gag, the mystery – whatever – actually works.
On a bad day, mean contemplating a return to that old day job … or worse. It’s a solitary existence shaped by sacrifice, requiring that one’s need to write be greater than anything else.
Put simply, a screenwriter is someone who needs to write. We help you to discover you true passion.